Athletic Meal Plans can be used at all the meal plan locations, plus Athletic Meal Plans allow participants to use their meals for one Training Table meal at Bryant Dining for dinner five nights per week.  At dinner, Bryant Dining serves as the Athletic Department’s Training Table.  Upscale dinner buffets are served daily to support the calorie and nutritional needs of Alabama’s student athletes.  Athletic Meal Plans are available for purchase for athletes and non-athletes.

All Access Athletic
$2,282 per semester
Unlimited meals per semester

Athletic 125 Block
$1,635 per semester
125 meals per semester

Athletic 90 Block
$1,351 per semester
90 meals per semester

Athletic 55 Block
$1,002 per semester
55 meals per semester

How to Order

To order an Athletic Meal Plan, please email mealplans@bamadining.com.

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