Bryant Dining is an all-you-can-eat facility located in Bryant Hall. This location offers a great selection of made-to-order entrees, carved meats, sides, a salad bar, and desserts. Along with these favorites, the grill also offers a made-to-order deli and grill.

At brunch, Bryant Dining serves as a meal plan location.  In addition to meal plans at brunch, Bryant Dining Hall accepts Dining Dollars, Bama Cash, cash, and credit.

At dinner, Bryant Dining serves as the Athletic Department’s Training Table.  Upscale dinner buffets are served daily to support the calorie and nutritional needs of Alabama’s student athletes.  Athletic Meal Plans allow participants one Training Table meal at Bryant Dining for dinner five nights per week. To add the Athletic Meal Plan to your regular meal plan for an additional $430, please email  Athletic Meal Plans are available for purchase for athletes and non-athletes.

516 Smithwood Circle, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401