Constructed in 2006, Lakeside Dining is the largest dining hall on campus. Because of the proximity to the North Campus Residential communities, it is also the most convenient student service location to the greatest number of campus residents. The Lakeside Dining renovation will provide updated dining options and increased seating capacity for future growth.

The project will include adding a mezzanine level for increased seating capability, demolition of all existing food stations, and constructing a new servery that will feature fresh grilled and sautéed options that guests can combine to create customized meals.

Did you know that Bama Dining makes all their own pizza dough, breads, rolls, biscuits, cookies, and other bakery items? In the newly renovated Lakeside Dining facility, the bakery will come out of the back of the house and be prominently displayed as a feature of the dining hall.

With the rapidly increasing population facing food allergies, Lakeside Dining will feature a meal station with menus items made without gluten and equipment to prepare foods for a variety of allergens with a focus on preventing cross contact. To provide more options for those with meal accommodations, there will be a self-serve pantry. One side of the pantry will be for gluten free items where students can make their own sandwiches or grab a snack or dessert. Another side of the pantry will provide options for students with a variety of allergies.

160 McCorvey Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401