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All undergraduate students enrolled in 9 credit hours or more on campus will participate in the Dining Dollars program. The Dining Dollars fee of $300 is charged to the student account automatically when the 9 credit hour criteria is met in the Fall and Spring semesters. A $100 Dining Dollars fee is also charged during the Summer semester when undergraduate students are enrolled in 5 credit hours or more. Just like the meal plan, Dining Dollars is an account on the Action Card.

Buffalo PhilsThe Dining Dollars program is designed to supplement a student's campus dining needs. The $300 Dining Dollars equals about $17.65 per week or $2.52 per day. Dining Dollars can be used at all Bama Dining locations, most on-campus vending machines, and three off-campus dining locations.

Domino's PizzaUnused Dining Dollars roll from fall to spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, students may request a refund of remaining Dining Dollar Funds. If a refund is not requested, the remaining funds are transferred to the student’s Bama Cash account.

Please note that additional funds cannot be added to Dining Dollars accounts.  If you would like to add funds to your Action Card, you may do so with Bama Cash

Go here Dining Dollars Exemption Form.

Click for the Dining Dollars Refund Request form.

Click for the Dining Dollars / Bama Cash video.

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