The taco concept (SOLA) coming soon to Lakeside Dining was created because of student feedback, and the move of Lakeside Market to the New Freshman Residence Hall next door.  Students consistently request a Latin-inspired option on campus, and street tacos are currently a hot trend.  Residing in the most densely populated area of campus, adding variety to our retail options within walking distance to thousands of beds, made great sense from both a business and customer service perspective.

The idea behind the taco concept in Lakeside is to fill the vacated market space with an innovative, fun, and inviting spot for students to dine, gather, and study.  This dining location will feature home-made flour and corn tortillas , specialty tacos, and build-your-own tacos.  Guests will order on an automated kiosk and be treated to complimentary chips and salsa while they wait for their meal.  The menu ingredients will be fresh and healthy, and we are currently developing our own popsicle menu to serve as the sweet end to a delicious meal.

The popsicles will be displayed in an attractive counter freezer and add visual interest to the warm finishes planned for this facility.  With the renovation of the main Lakeside Dining facility downstairs, the new taco concept will provide an extra “wow” to greet guests as they enter through the front doors upstairs.  The added seating in this venue will provide flexibility outside of the academic year, to support the high volume experienced with the growing camp and summer population.

This newly renovated location will add value to our dining program by offering the flexibility for students and guests to either use their meal plan or purchase a retail meal with Dining Dollars, Bama Cash, cash or credit card

160 McCorvey Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401