First year students that are going to participate in an on-campus organization such as a fraternity or sorority are required to participate in the Freshman Dining Program. Since some fraternities and sororities also have their own mandatory meal plans, the University and Bama Dining are allowing new members of these organizations, serving a minimum of 10 meals per week,  the option of choosing an alternative meal plan. These students will automatically have their meal plan reduced to 55 meals per semester with the option of choosing other alternative meal plans.

What are the Alternative Meal Plan Options?

Option 1 – Students that would like to have 55 meals per semester need to do… nothing! All students that join a fraternity or sorority that also requires a minimum of 10 meals per week will automatically have their Bama Dining meal plan reduced to 55 meals. When the University generates an official list of all new Greek members, all students on that list will be automatically downgraded from their original plan to the plan with 55 meals per semester.  After you receive your bid, please check your student account to verify that the meal plan credit has been applied.

Option 2 – Students that would like more than 55 meals per semester may change their meal plan to one of the following: Bronze 90 (90 meals per semester), Silver (125 meals per semester) or All-Access. Students may also add VIP Memberships to their 55 meals. There is no deadline to upgrade meal plans or add VIP Memberships.


** Students are responsible for confirming the meal plan downgrade on
their student account. **


Meal Plan Terms Conditions