“The ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Generally, sustainability focuses on supporting economic, environmental and social practices that protect and enhance human and natural resources needed to enjoy and maintain a quality of life equal to or greater than today. Sustainability recognizes the need for a healthy economy, limits of nature and human needs – all unified and affecting another.

Social: supporting community outreach, worker health and safety. Without a vibrant community, we minimize business and human growth, and elevate crises that reduce focus on environmental.

Environmental: producing products and services that can be replicated consistently while minimizing the impact to the earth. Without a healthy environment, we deplete natural resources and contribute to human and ecological illnesses.

Economic: economic support and growth that ensures stability. Without a healthy economy, unemployment is high, leading to social problems and governments do not have the revenue to address social issues.

Bama Dining’s other sustainable efforts include CompostingFair Trade CoffeeLocal FoodOperationsRecyclingRefillable Tumblers, Trayless Dining, and Foam Free Dining Halls.