Committee Representatives:

Dining Services Representative IFC/Pan-Hellenic Representative
Student Representative, Convener University Programs Representative
Ferguson Center Representative Graduate Student Association Representative
Action Card Representative RHA Representative
International Student Association Representative CW Representative
AAA Representative HRC Representative
CCSO Representative Non-traditional Student Association Representative
Freshman Forum Representative Auxiliary Services Business Representative
CCHS Representative Director of Health Promotion and Wellness
SGA Representative Director of Student Leadership
Faculty Representative Ferguson Center Manager
Staff Representative Ferguson Center Night Manager

Meeting requirements:

  • A minimum of 6 regularly scheduled meetings (September to April).


  • Visit food service facilities regularly and complete evaluation forms after each visit.
  • Make recommendations to committee for service changes and enhancements.
  • Make recommendations on programming for various food service facility types.
  • Ascertain and report on opinions of constituent groups regarding food service.


Charge of the University of Alabama Dining Service Development Committee

The purpose of the UA Dining Service Development Committee is to evaluate the quality of the food service across campus.  This duty encompasses many facets of the food service department including all-you-care-to-eat facilities (board operations), retail dining (food court), convenience stores, coffee shops, grab-and-go carts, catering and restaurants.  Our assignment is not only to bring our own opinions to the group, but to serve as an ambassador for those we represent.  There are many different groups of people at UA, each with certain likes, dislikes, and preferences.  It is the objective of the University Dining Service Development Committee to bring all of these ideas together and shape the campus food service operations on campus to best serve the needs of university community.  Our positions require that we experience and evaluate a variety of food services.  We should see ourselves as having a large responsibility, not only to our own group which we represent, but also to the committee itself.  It is our highest goal to ensure the university total quality food service at the University of Alabama.

Attendance Policy

Since the committee meets only once a month during the academic year, attendance for each meeting is imperative.  Any committee member who misses more than two (2) scheduled meetings will be removed from the committee.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, please contact the committee convener or Daphne Wright at 205-348-5798 and send a substitute from your constituent group to the meeting.  However, all material covered during the meeting is ultimately the committee members’ responsibility.  It does not count as an absence if a member sends a substitute to the meeting.  All member terminations and decision appeals should be directed to the convener.

Committee Convener Application